Saturday, 24 November 2007

b is for buttons

Whilst trying to tidy up the random things left over from my former bedroom I found some more buttons, Hooray! You can never have enough of them I think, they come in so handy, they are great to collect and trade ^_^ I have a few here I think ladysnail will like alot!

Friday, 23 November 2007

brilliant bailey

I found the pictures I sneakily took the other Friday when my friends and I went to see the brilliant Mister Bill Bailey! They aren't that great as the guy in front was of the tall persuasion and was determined to ruin every shot, Also it didn't help that my camera doesn't like night mode so these are the best of a fuzzy bunch I'm afraid, but I managed to take one of him on his scooter "Gong Jousting" so I'm content! ^_^

doodle me silly

Andy, Dave, Mark and I went to the Sketch City event they have once a month at the contact theatre in Manchester. I would recommend you get yourself down there if you can it was really cool. There was alot of great work there, my favourite was a huge ginger cat with jeans on!
I'd never been before and I wasn't too sure that I'd be able to do anything bigger than A4 (I'm a small scale kinda gal), but I ended up working on a big square board by myself and just doodled like mad. I was very happy with my work, sharpie markers are ace! Maybe next time I'll be brave enough to use some colour ^_^

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Monsters never share their sweeties

I havent been up to much lately but I did have a play with lino prints, I havent done it for a while so it was real fun but it doesnt half kane your hands after! Here is just the one lino print I liked the most so far, which has only the first print layer that I worked into with ink. I think it works quite nicely and under that are just pages from my sketchbook, paper, paint, ink and random things like usual ^_^