Monday, 28 May 2007


Im very fond of these doodles, they keep following me everywhere. I feel like if I dont put them up they might revolt against me and steal all of my good fineliners.


"A palimpsest is a manuscript page, whether from scroll or book that has been written on, scraped off, and used again. The word palimpsest comes through Latin from two Greek roots (palin + psEn) meaning "scraped again." Romans wrote on wax-coated tablets that could be reused, and a passing use of the rather bookish term "palimpsest" by Cicero seems to refer to this practice."

Right, that explains palimpsest lol ^_^ basically we re-worked, layered, painted, inked out etc on recycled/found objects it was quite open anything could be used, I really enjoyed this project I think before my work had been reserved I didn't play around that much and I tended to stick with one idea (I still do that but not as much... maybe) but being quite free to use any material and not care too much about the final outcome was something that helped me, we did this project just before Christmas and it let me shake off the first year funk that was still following me around, which was class.
I started with my sketchbook using scraps of old paper, paint, ink, letroset and just mixed it up with alot of random text and doodles, this was were I first started properly doodling I have developed them alittle more since. I got to a point with the sketchbook were I was happy enough to move onto something else, at first I was going to do a desk but well the chair was enough trouble, lugging it around and trying to write on the legs.. urgh.. alot of work. The chair is the product of alot of latenights so some of the sentences dont make much sense but its a fun object and I'll being doing some scribbly friends for it soon. My favourite sentence on the chair is "One time, I was so hungry I bought a cooking apple" hehe cheers for that one Andy lah.

Thursday, 24 May 2007


This is a crab drawn just for Debbie, she chose his colours and mouth shape, I hope he looks nice framed and up in the new house.


These are scans of my final piece for a re-packagaing project for elastoplast plasters, I was rather pleased with this idea I just think it didnt come together as well as Id have liked towards the end of the project, the watercolour doesnt work that well I could try rescanning and using layered textures or fabrics instead of block colours and move the text around. Some characters work better than others but I have grown quite attacted to them all, little nacho kid is my favourite though, and curly haired banana boy hehe, so cute.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Dusty Blast From The Past

This is my little mate who has been sitting on my shelf for about.. ooooh 4 years now (he earned that thick layer of dust) I made him for a 3D project in my AVCE days along time ago for a project about Circus's, he was a last minute attempt to save myself from failing, he worked! his arms aren't perfect one blew up in the kiln but with the help of my mum we put him back together, he isn't fully fired and hes painted with acyclic so he wont last forever, but until then he sits contently on my book shelf watching t.v and eating dust bunnies, his bad eye makes him pull scary faces but hes lovely once you get to know him, except he always insists on being banker when we play monopoly and I'm certain he steals 100's when I nip the loo.

Envelope Series

These are the first two that I made, I was just playing around they are a little rough because I didnt plan anything I just drawn a doodle and went from there but I am pleased with them, its pak man! who wouldnt be please with that ^_^ raaahhh!

Be Square

I made a small felt square character with a fluffy woolen trim for my friends birthday, it fitted perfectly into a small envelope which I covered in the "be square" characters I based the toy on, I was happy with it and thankfully so was my friend lol yay! Im thinking of making a small collection of "be square" toys, the picture I took was alitle blurry unfortunatly but I think you get the idea hehe, hes square!

how to make a cup of tea

I made these in the first year of illustration, I still love them! I made about 25 different teabag characters in all only 3 survived which I gave to friends to take care of aslong as they promised to take care of them. I didnt really have a clue what to do with the teabags once I made them so at about 3am I set up my camera, gave the side a wipe down and filled the kettle, by 5am I had more than enough pictures and a few too many dead teabags I few could be better but some are perfect like the impending doom of the boiling kettle above, the teabag grimicing as he brews to death, my bro in the final enjoying the lovely cup of tea, the little teabag in the first panel is adorable, I still think of him everytime I make a cup of tea.. bless.


design4science, which was a contest brief I'm not sure If Im still going to enter because I have to redo these images if I am because I messed the resolution up, I didnt realise that its all got to at 300, it was a totally confusing experience truth be told lol but now it all makes sense.. I think. Im happy with them, I like the germ characters also I enjoyed making the patterns with fabric that I used on the final image, the antibodies just look like floating Y's but the germs always remind me of someone I met on the train going to Uni last year, he had some interesting stories to tell on the subject of "gary's" dont think he was talking about a person an I'll leave it at that.