Wednesday, 27 June 2007


"Hello, my name is Wendy, I am only small but my friend with the large magnify glass said I was really fiddly to make, I think she's just being daft. She says she going to make me some friends to play with though because its not very fun sitting in her draw all day with all the paint brushes, they dont know any card games other than snap and when they win they make such a mess, just look at my friend ruler here all covered in paint. My friend says I make her smile so when she makes my other friends she going to send some of them to other people to hopefully make them smile too, well she says that but she has just been playing with the hole puncher for 2 days and hasnt even looked at a sewing needle, dont tell her I said anything though.."

playing with paper

These arent final images I was just playing around with collage and paint, I also went a little silly with the hole puncher and a load of old train tickets and receipts. Those flowers I didnt pressed myself unfortunatly I bought them, and they werent cheap either which is just daft because you didnt even get that many in the pack, might try pressing my own because I liked using them. I also wanted to see how my pens would work on the painty/pva surface and they didnt do too bad I didnt smudge once! I think I will be playing around with stuff like this abit more I quite enjoyed it, of course I will be asking the Collage-Lady herself Jennipeg for some tips tho ^_^

Saturday, 23 June 2007

inspiring stuff....

My brain and I had a falling out the other week, it didn't like 9-5 but whats a girl to do when bills need paying? so in return for my stubbornness on the matter it has gotten its own back and began hibernating early, which considering we have 4 projects and a summer journal to complete ready for a show first day back it looks like I cant really dilly-dally in getting myself out of the dog house.
In an attempt to work myself back into its good books Ive been trying to find nice things that might inspire it to help me with my projects, I'm trying and have had some nice ideas from some friends but if anyone thinks they have anything else feel free to leave me a link I'd be grateful to check them out!

Here are a few of the things Ive been looking at.
(I'm afraid I do not know the names of the artists because I collected them very late and didn't think to make a note, silly me)

Wednesday, 20 June 2007


These are monsters I scanned in and printed off on t-shirt transfer paper, I ironed them onto the only grey fabric I had which will do for playing around, Ive just started hand sewing the words boo! all over, Im not sure what I will do with this panel once Im finished sewing but I'm sure I figure something out.

Saturday, 9 June 2007

plush kitty

Socks are fantastic things, they keep your footsies warm and they can also be used to make toys (after they have had a good go in the washing machine of course). I made this lil chap out of those socks with the bits for your toes to go in, possibly the most annoying sock around when you think about it ^_^ gloves can be fiddly enough. He was made for another friends birthday (thats the way my gifts are going, crafty!), hes got button eyes and I used that transfer paper stuff you get for t-shirts to make his mouth, it made me reaslise that my sewing is not that good so mucho practicing to do I think. I recyled the toe parts Id cut off to make him some little paws and hes full of wool and lentils so hes got a nice plump bum hehe ^_^ I am really pleased with him! so much so I nearly didnt give him away, but I have been collecting plenty more long stripy socks to make some more very soon!!

Saturday, 2 June 2007

hate your guts

This was a small sketch I scanned into photoshop and played around with adding colour and textures, the background isnt very relevant to the image I just found that image and really liked it, there is also a page of fingerprints from my sketchbook I scanned in and layered over the map just to add alittle more texture. Im really happy with it, I didnt clean the sketch up to much because I think he looks good all scruffy I just darkened up a few of the lines and faded others, the original handwritten text on the t-shirt didnt look that good so I just added some photoshop text in thats why its probably the weakest part of the image.

found objects

Im currently collecting random gloves, old baby socks etc to make a series of found object toys, anything interesting I find will be transformed through the magic of illustration into fantastic toy/collectables, depending on how many I manage to make I may sell them, here are two examples of the type of thing I'll be doing. The paintbrush I "found" in a studio which might, might have been located next door to ours in Uni Im not too sure on the details -ahem- anyway it looks just like a doodle I'd done so I couldnt leave it there all on its own. The babies mitten I assume like millions of others fell from a pram, it would have be cruel to leave him there all alone by the shoes he looked so sad.

Friday, 1 June 2007

makes your teeth ache

Aw she is terribly cute, maybe alittle too cute perhaps. I drawn her for no particular reason except I had some nice pink stripy paper that had once contained a quarter of cola cubes until I ate them all, yum.

I wouldnt argue with him if I was you know, he likes to follow people around and rain all over their heads if they annoy him ^_^