Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Big Cheesy Grin! :-D

And shes back. Hello! thank you very much for the supporting posts I received I really appreciated them, you'll be happy to know that my work was saved! the amazing, did I say amazing? I mean fan-tab-u-lous ali saved it for me! but I was abit thrown for awhile so have been trying hard to catch up with myself the past few weeks, think I am back on track now hooray!
I have been working on a limited edition postcard artist book (long title?). The book is called "Pictophobia- a fear of illustration" and other relating phobia's that I have with my work, like mixing colour, being too polite and stuff like that. Ive been having fun playing with CYMK colours and halftone, finally I have figured out how to do it without fiddling around for ages like before, it was surprisingly easy but most things are once you figure it out ^_^ my next project is book covers from none other but the great Robert Rankin and his Armageddon trilogy, I'm speed reading them now, look out for Elvis with a ray gun, beew beew beew!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Sad Face

External Hard drive, if you havent got one, GET ONE! I should have but didnt and my laptop died and Ive lost all my work, le sigh! So there wont be any updates for sometime as I redo the images I lost for university before starting the other stuff yet to be done. Cant help feeling abit blue but no time, got to get on get on with my work. So yeah, external hard drive, get one of those suckers!