Saturday, 5 April 2008

Sad Face

External Hard drive, if you havent got one, GET ONE! I should have but didnt and my laptop died and Ive lost all my work, le sigh! So there wont be any updates for sometime as I redo the images I lost for university before starting the other stuff yet to be done. Cant help feeling abit blue but no time, got to get on get on with my work. So yeah, external hard drive, get one of those suckers!


Deux Anges said...

Ouch! I feel for you. It happened to me a few years back. Fortunately I didn't lose any work but music collection, e-mails and photos all gone. [Grrrr..] I've got an automatic backup system now.

Lu Shin

ladysnail said...

hello katie. as daft as is it commenting on your blog when i am not that far away from you-i have to say this-i will come and bash you laptop for you until it surrenders and gives you back your work. dx.

Caroline said...

Oh no! That almost happened to me last semester, so I can guess how awful you must feel :(
At least you're still trying - I would totally just give up!!
Good luck :)

Caroline x

Jennie said...

Hi Inspector Marmalade,

I saw your blog because I am on the MA in kids book ill and I really sympathise. I was once the proud owner of a virtually completed assignment - you know one of those pieces of work that takes forever to do and then the computer somehow corrupted the file so it was unopenable and I remember going into shock and wondering around muttering '" etc. I re-wrote the whole thing in the end, but haven't trusted that particular piece of software since.


Draw-a-rama said...

ain't you smiling yet miss katie? ali x