Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Children's Book

I began writing a children's book in the first semester of the 3rd year, long story short it didn't go as I had planned. So! now I have some free time over Easter with which to chill I decided to go over the images I made before Christmas and fix them. Here are examples of the double page spreads for three of the pages with accompanying text. I like how this is going because I simplified it, you wouldn't believe the detailed inking I had planned just for those borders. As nice as it would be I only plan on making one copy of this book and I don't intend to give myself brain failure again with it so the catchphrase is... "keep it simple" ^_^ I also tried some duo tone versions to see how they would look, they don't look too bad. I was worried the collage detail would be lost completely but you can still see it. Any comment on these images would be GREATLY appreciated, I asked my 3 year old niece what she thought but see didn't give me much feedback, except she did like the teeth monster ^_^ with is a bonus.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Hustla t-shirts

This is the catalogue cover for hustla's new design range that featured the spark and myself. It occurred to me that I hadn't actually put any images of the t-shirts up yet so here they are, my designs are the pink and blue ghost tee, the brown and orange cat tee and if you look closely you might be able to see my black and yellow monster tee. It's ace seeing them up in the shop, they say they are selling quite well which is sweet. I have a few I seem to be living in at the minute, its all self promotion though so its all good! Myself and a few other designers have been asked to work for them again to design some tee's and brand logo which I will be starting soon.
Hopefully they will have their website up and running asap so you can buy them online, at the moment they have a shop open in Preston which is pretty cool.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


I got set a brief at Uni to make a zine based on a journey, unfortunately (but surprisingly inspiration in the end) I got distracted all week watching films and chatting rubbish with my flat mate Alice (who just happens to have a blog by the way -check it!).
We decided to turn this unfortunate event around for the better and use the fact we got distracted for inspiration for our zine!
It is about the terrible illness known as Distraction that effects everyone at some point in their lives. We made a few in colour but we are going to see how they would turn out in black and white and maybe you will see them hanging around in bookshops soon! Free stickers and pull out posters included, how much of a sweet deal is that!? ^_^

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