Wednesday, 12 March 2008


I got set a brief at Uni to make a zine based on a journey, unfortunately (but surprisingly inspiration in the end) I got distracted all week watching films and chatting rubbish with my flat mate Alice (who just happens to have a blog by the way -check it!).
We decided to turn this unfortunate event around for the better and use the fact we got distracted for inspiration for our zine!
It is about the terrible illness known as Distraction that effects everyone at some point in their lives. We made a few in colour but we are going to see how they would turn out in black and white and maybe you will see them hanging around in bookshops soon! Free stickers and pull out posters included, how much of a sweet deal is that!? ^_^


Alice The Pixie Alien said...

yes, we are geniuses...i think this should be the beginning of a fabulous project that could possibly go further!! x

ladysnail said...

bloody fantastic zine from the two of you. it was really good to read. i loved the little extra details you both put in-with alice's ever changing wardrobe and your love affair with envelopes. looking forward to seeing how it looks in black and white. dx.

Draw-a-rama said...

I've caught "distraction", too!

Javmango said...

Very ace zine u two. I shall have to steal a copy..... MUHAHAHAHAHA