Saturday, 22 March 2008

Hustla t-shirts

This is the catalogue cover for hustla's new design range that featured the spark and myself. It occurred to me that I hadn't actually put any images of the t-shirts up yet so here they are, my designs are the pink and blue ghost tee, the brown and orange cat tee and if you look closely you might be able to see my black and yellow monster tee. It's ace seeing them up in the shop, they say they are selling quite well which is sweet. I have a few I seem to be living in at the minute, its all self promotion though so its all good! Myself and a few other designers have been asked to work for them again to design some tee's and brand logo which I will be starting soon.
Hopefully they will have their website up and running asap so you can buy them online, at the moment they have a shop open in Preston which is pretty cool.


Alice The Pixie Alien said...

and you my dear are the perfect model to wear them! love you loads! x x

ladysnail said...

fantastico lady katie! you should get some tshirts from the hustla guys and put them up on etsy to sell! dx.

moombaduo- Andy Wong said...

My cousins and I are very big fans of your shirts^-^ I may have to invest in a replacement at some point as mine is getting on(so soon!)
Tis good to see your work out there:D