Friday, 27 July 2007


They are those little things in your eyes that float around when your idly staring at nothing in particular, concentrate for long enough and you can watch them for hours, I know this because I have done it myself. The surge of creativity I had the other week has slowly fizzled away leaving me feeling a little deflated, I'm sure it'll return soon but for now I do not have much to show so I didn't even bother warming my scanner up. I had a few ideas which I thankfully scribbled down, publishing seems the most attractive of the projects to tackle at the minute, I was going to do To Kill A Mockingbird but now I'm not too sure, my friend kindly lent me a book (which I have to take extra special care of, so no sipping tea or nibbling chocoy biccies when reading this book) it is called The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies Of The Apocalypse, now how class a title is that? I reckon once Ive read it I'll chose this book. Repacking is Elastroplast again but this time I'll do it right with lots of thought and experimentation! oh yes! Editorial.. I read one article about the death of summer, thought it might be appropriate but not 100% still looking for interesting articles, oh and re branding.. that's the naughty brief which I will not let defeat me again, I haven't got a clue what I'm going to do for that, should probably give it some thought pretty sharpish aye. I do have something to be keeping me busy though, things to be doodled and stitched and scribbled, hmm I don't have much time left actually, I'd say 6 days ^_^
Investigation into the world of Illustration shall resume soon, just after Ive made myself another brew like ^_^

Monday, 16 July 2007

"no student discount on stamps.."

Inspired by the lovely and talented Miss Snail who atually got off her bum and did some work making me feel stupid for not doing the same, I also tackled the nasty mail-me-art work that had plagued our creative minds for months (it doesnt help when you go and check out the site and find that more MORE people have sent things in, all brilliant stuff to I might add just makes u all sad) all we need now if for Jennipeg to do it too, I think she has had her Harry Potter fix for now but I cant be sure ^_^

I doodled on 9 small envelopes that when put together make a picture. Now the rules say one entry per month but this is 9 that make one piece so hopefully it should be allowed ^_^ my other worry is that some of them might get lost along the way! (I have numbered them all just to make sure and stamped info over everyone of them to be on the safe side)

Place your bets now on how many will not arrive at their destination!

Saturday, 14 July 2007

t-shirts don't design themselves...

These are my t-shirt design for a local clothes shop in Preston called hustla, the you can chose from catalogues of designs and they print them onto t-shirts, hoodies, knickers the lot! ^_^ its a real cool shop and the guys who run it are sound. They asked a few of my friends from my class to do them too so Im looking forward to see what characters they will chose from our stuff to print up and sell! Some of the characters are my usual style doodles but some Ive tried to pay more attention to detail like on the bears, my tutor thought my characters were becoming alittle generic looking so Ive tried to work harder on those little fellas so they can be the best possible doodles they can be. I do agree with him atually that was one of my worries about this doodling malarky, its easy to stick with the same thing, but dont go thinking I'll be changing drastically though I love my little doodles, one day I'll introduce you all to the Poo Man properly (he sounds weird but hes not honest ^_^)

Friday, 13 July 2007

the adventures of Wendy

I was woken at 3am to the sound of a muffled argument in my top draw, slowly I tip toed over and craned my ear to listen, just as I thought I had a clue what was going on the draw opened hitting me in the side of the head and Wendy jumped out with a hankie 'hobo style' stick combo, rubbing my ear I asked what was the deal, she said that she could no longer stand living in the draw with the paint brushes as they just told terrible jokes all day long and never shared the pillows, I said she could sleep in the draw next to my bed if she wanted, it was smaller like but it would be all hers, she declined claiming she had had enough of draws and was going on a adventure, an adventure where I asked, she said she didn't know, that's the thing about adventures you see. I felt a little sad but I took her downstairs and opened the door an waved her off, I'll not too sure where shes going to go but she said that she would keep me posted with picture postcards which is nice..... ^_^

stay tuned for the continuing adventures of Wendy! (the small sock with big ideas)

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

sorry Miss (images work now)

True to form as always I am late lol I did have this done last night but I was so tired I plum forgot about it even after I read miss debaroo's text about not having the net so she couldn't post her work, Sorry Jennipeggle you worked so hard to keep our promise, I am very impressed with your fishes! I love how you draw them and your wiggly mush-tash guy is great.
This is the first collage in my journal that I bought on Saturday (it doesn't smell too bad anymore, think its because its recycled paper, anywhoo!) as I'm sure you can tell its full of receipts! that's because that was all I saw on my first week of work, I haven't done much else since the summer began cept work so that's why I'm using it as my inspiration lol that sounds like rubbish to me how about you? its just got writing on of things Ive noticed in work and things I say and do all the time there. Fun. wish I'd done fish now lol

Monday, 2 July 2007

lovely day

on Saturday ladysnail made her way slowly to Liverpool, unfortunately after two mins of being there some nasty man shouted at her for apparently cutting in the cue for burger king hehehe, after this LOVELY welcome to Liverpool I met her and we had a great day and night with my friend Sue, these are the fantastic presents that she gave to me, she nearly had me open them outside the Liverpool museum but I think Gregory the rain cloud would have floated off to be with the other rain clouds that have been hanging around lately, but they arent very nice ones because they can never make their mind up when they want to rain and when they want to let the sun shine. I am so happy to have my very own cloud I have been eyeing them up ever since the night of lambrini and sillyness. They will all be getting lovely new homes when I move into my new flat soon, at the minute they are sat with my sock collection playing cards, Moxy is very good at Gin Rummy ^_^ the fishes just keeping going round in circles with the rules.