Tuesday, 10 July 2007

sorry Miss (images work now)

True to form as always I am late lol I did have this done last night but I was so tired I plum forgot about it even after I read miss debaroo's text about not having the net so she couldn't post her work, Sorry Jennipeggle you worked so hard to keep our promise, I am very impressed with your fishes! I love how you draw them and your wiggly mush-tash guy is great.
This is the first collage in my journal that I bought on Saturday (it doesn't smell too bad anymore, think its because its recycled paper, anywhoo!) as I'm sure you can tell its full of receipts! that's because that was all I saw on my first week of work, I haven't done much else since the summer began cept work so that's why I'm using it as my inspiration lol that sounds like rubbish to me how about you? its just got writing on of things Ive noticed in work and things I say and do all the time there. Fun. wish I'd done fish now lol


ladysnail said...

i looked a moment ago and there was one page and now there are two! good stars all round! dx

ladysnail said...

it wont let me look at the top picture in this post??? dx

inspector_marmalade said...

yeah it does that sometimes... I'll fix it.