Friday, 27 July 2007


They are those little things in your eyes that float around when your idly staring at nothing in particular, concentrate for long enough and you can watch them for hours, I know this because I have done it myself. The surge of creativity I had the other week has slowly fizzled away leaving me feeling a little deflated, I'm sure it'll return soon but for now I do not have much to show so I didn't even bother warming my scanner up. I had a few ideas which I thankfully scribbled down, publishing seems the most attractive of the projects to tackle at the minute, I was going to do To Kill A Mockingbird but now I'm not too sure, my friend kindly lent me a book (which I have to take extra special care of, so no sipping tea or nibbling chocoy biccies when reading this book) it is called The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies Of The Apocalypse, now how class a title is that? I reckon once Ive read it I'll chose this book. Repacking is Elastroplast again but this time I'll do it right with lots of thought and experimentation! oh yes! Editorial.. I read one article about the death of summer, thought it might be appropriate but not 100% still looking for interesting articles, oh and re branding.. that's the naughty brief which I will not let defeat me again, I haven't got a clue what I'm going to do for that, should probably give it some thought pretty sharpish aye. I do have something to be keeping me busy though, things to be doodled and stitched and scribbled, hmm I don't have much time left actually, I'd say 6 days ^_^
Investigation into the world of Illustration shall resume soon, just after Ive made myself another brew like ^_^

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