Tuesday, 7 August 2007

don't eat toast before bed...

So there I was, nibbling some toast as I scribble down some ideas last week when I look over at the clock and see its getting rather late so I put my sketchbook down, get into bed and switch the lamp off. Sorted.
I wake up in the morning only to find little birds all over my open sketchbook!! I wasnt sure at first how it had happened but then it hit me, the toast crumbs! birds are suckers for some good crumbs and it was tasty bread too an all I might add! Now I dont mind them, infact they are quite cute but they arent half noisey, all they have done all week is stay up chatting away half the night! I think I might send them away to be with ladysnails bluebirds, all we get is bully magpies around here so they might prefer it with her and the funny moorhen.


Jennipeg said...

Aww Kate these are brilliant! Birds are wounderful things, noisey buggers tho. X

inspector_marmalade said...

thanks sweetie! yes indeedie they are, I told them about taking a trip and they wont give it a rest, its all chirp this, chirp that, wheres my cracker, its like looking have children it honestly is ^_^