Tuesday, 22 January 2008

welcome back to illustration

The first project back was set by our tutors, a series of 4 quick editorial briefs, the first was for a magazine called Transmission magazine. I chose the short story Stanley to illustrate. It is a dark image than I would usually produce because it suited the story and the content of the atual magazine. I enjoyed making this image mainly because I knew it was editorial which meant I had to work fast and that limited my options of working methods, which was a good thing. I was alittle knocked by my feedback after christmas but I think I'm starting to make head way with how I approach work now so I just threw some stamps down on the page and worked into it with carbon paper. I cropped the original and played with colours alittle then printed onto my envelope. I bloody love envelopes!

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Hello 2008-)

Self-freakin-promotion seems to be where it is at (currently researching for a essay so its all Ive seen for the past hour) So Ive added to my list of many a New Years resolution that I will stitch, scribble, print, paint, doodle (maybe even 'collect') as many things as possible so I can finally, FINALLY figure out what I'm doing with this illustration lark and find this fabled style I hear so much about and get my self out there!
No more looking at peoples work and feeling blue, when that miss snail finally moves in to the flat we wont be having anymore of that type of thing!

(I just didn't want to post without a picture ^_^)