Tuesday, 22 January 2008

welcome back to illustration

The first project back was set by our tutors, a series of 4 quick editorial briefs, the first was for a magazine called Transmission magazine. I chose the short story Stanley to illustrate. It is a dark image than I would usually produce because it suited the story and the content of the atual magazine. I enjoyed making this image mainly because I knew it was editorial which meant I had to work fast and that limited my options of working methods, which was a good thing. I was alittle knocked by my feedback after christmas but I think I'm starting to make head way with how I approach work now so I just threw some stamps down on the page and worked into it with carbon paper. I cropped the original and played with colours alittle then printed onto my envelope. I bloody love envelopes!

1 comment:

moombaduo- Andy Wong said...

This is a really nice piece of drawing in this image:D I really liked it, the colour was nice and simple too
I actually prefered the white paper version as you could see the drawing better but the envelope version has a nice charm of its own too!^-^

Good stuff kate!:D