Sunday, 3 February 2008

avoid if you have a lisp

Bless him,
poor little Sid the Squid,
went to Specsavers yes he did.

I drew him for my classes Degree Show poster, Squid Inc. 08 (more about that coming soon!) I was very happy with how he turned out so I thought Id make him into a lovely picture for all to see. Hopefully he will soon have some little sea dwelling friends to play with that wont take the 'michael' out of his lovely new glasses like those mean old crabs did.


Draw-a-rama said...

I snorted my tea when I saw this (NOT flattering), haha, read Ogden Nash for more daftness to illustrate. it's all going on here, humour, offsetting, good colours, fun...shall I go on?

although you have missed an o off too

Inspector Marmalade said...

lol curse those little mispell-monsters, they some how manage to sneak in everytime, what pests.

Thank you ali, I'll check him out :) daftness needs to be illustrated!

ladysnail said...

he is brilliant. i think his specs make him look cute.