Friday, 13 July 2007

the adventures of Wendy

I was woken at 3am to the sound of a muffled argument in my top draw, slowly I tip toed over and craned my ear to listen, just as I thought I had a clue what was going on the draw opened hitting me in the side of the head and Wendy jumped out with a hankie 'hobo style' stick combo, rubbing my ear I asked what was the deal, she said that she could no longer stand living in the draw with the paint brushes as they just told terrible jokes all day long and never shared the pillows, I said she could sleep in the draw next to my bed if she wanted, it was smaller like but it would be all hers, she declined claiming she had had enough of draws and was going on a adventure, an adventure where I asked, she said she didn't know, that's the thing about adventures you see. I felt a little sad but I took her downstairs and opened the door an waved her off, I'll not too sure where shes going to go but she said that she would keep me posted with picture postcards which is nice..... ^_^

stay tuned for the continuing adventures of Wendy! (the small sock with big ideas)


ladysnail said...

where is wendy going? dx

inspector_marmalade said...

you'll have to keep checking to find out ^_^ shes only small remember so she might be alittle slow, bless her xoxox