Monday, 2 July 2007

lovely day

on Saturday ladysnail made her way slowly to Liverpool, unfortunately after two mins of being there some nasty man shouted at her for apparently cutting in the cue for burger king hehehe, after this LOVELY welcome to Liverpool I met her and we had a great day and night with my friend Sue, these are the fantastic presents that she gave to me, she nearly had me open them outside the Liverpool museum but I think Gregory the rain cloud would have floated off to be with the other rain clouds that have been hanging around lately, but they arent very nice ones because they can never make their mind up when they want to rain and when they want to let the sun shine. I am so happy to have my very own cloud I have been eyeing them up ever since the night of lambrini and sillyness. They will all be getting lovely new homes when I move into my new flat soon, at the minute they are sat with my sock collection playing cards, Moxy is very good at Gin Rummy ^_^ the fishes just keeping going round in circles with the rules.

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