Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Big Cheesy Grin! :-D

And shes back. Hello! thank you very much for the supporting posts I received I really appreciated them, you'll be happy to know that my work was saved! the amazing, did I say amazing? I mean fan-tab-u-lous ali saved it for me! but I was abit thrown for awhile so have been trying hard to catch up with myself the past few weeks, think I am back on track now hooray!
I have been working on a limited edition postcard artist book (long title?). The book is called "Pictophobia- a fear of illustration" and other relating phobia's that I have with my work, like mixing colour, being too polite and stuff like that. Ive been having fun playing with CYMK colours and halftone, finally I have figured out how to do it without fiddling around for ages like before, it was surprisingly easy but most things are once you figure it out ^_^ my next project is book covers from none other but the great Robert Rankin and his Armageddon trilogy, I'm speed reading them now, look out for Elvis with a ray gun, beew beew beew!


moombaduo- Andy Wong said...

Woohoo!She's back in black! (like AC-DC wu-hey~:D) this is the most awesome comeback since Mick Foley cameback into WWE^-^ just don't be having any steel cage foights now...:D

Keep up the excellent work Kate it's all coming together really well and is working nicley. just keep pushing yourself and have fun:D
from a true fan( oh yeah^-^)

ladysnail said...

i nearly sent out a search party but then i knew where you were. the postcards are fab lass. keep doodling elvis and that sprout. you have been working hard like a little demon and the work is looking great. dx.

Draw-a-rama said...

pew pew pew xx