Saturday, 2 June 2007

hate your guts

This was a small sketch I scanned into photoshop and played around with adding colour and textures, the background isnt very relevant to the image I just found that image and really liked it, there is also a page of fingerprints from my sketchbook I scanned in and layered over the map just to add alittle more texture. Im really happy with it, I didnt clean the sketch up to much because I think he looks good all scruffy I just darkened up a few of the lines and faded others, the original handwritten text on the t-shirt didnt look that good so I just added some photoshop text in thats why its probably the weakest part of the image.


Jennipeg said...

Kate, Is that a zombie? Have you conquered your fear? I like him very much, but he does seem to have some anger issues, I'd tell hem to see someone about that if I were you. X

inspector_marmalade said...

hehe im not over my fear just yet but I do like drawing zombies, cute-ish ones atleast. he goes to meetings every thursday but Im not sure they help much, his counting has gotten better tho x

inspector_marmalade said...
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