Wednesday, 27 June 2007

playing with paper

These arent final images I was just playing around with collage and paint, I also went a little silly with the hole puncher and a load of old train tickets and receipts. Those flowers I didnt pressed myself unfortunatly I bought them, and they werent cheap either which is just daft because you didnt even get that many in the pack, might try pressing my own because I liked using them. I also wanted to see how my pens would work on the painty/pva surface and they didnt do too bad I didnt smudge once! I think I will be playing around with stuff like this abit more I quite enjoyed it, of course I will be asking the Collage-Lady herself Jennipeg for some tips tho ^_^

1 comment:

Jennipeg said...

Hey there Lady, I'm liking these alot. The texture is really nice, I can see those holepunches! lol It looks good, what pen did you use? Did you paint over some of it or did it fade on the surface? It looks really nice either way. Myspace has locked me out, Ive had to email the support team and hopefully I will get it fixed soon maybe they can hack in for me. Did you have a nice day on Wednesday? X