Friday, 4 May 2007

Dusty Blast From The Past

This is my little mate who has been sitting on my shelf for about.. ooooh 4 years now (he earned that thick layer of dust) I made him for a 3D project in my AVCE days along time ago for a project about Circus's, he was a last minute attempt to save myself from failing, he worked! his arms aren't perfect one blew up in the kiln but with the help of my mum we put him back together, he isn't fully fired and hes painted with acyclic so he wont last forever, but until then he sits contently on my book shelf watching t.v and eating dust bunnies, his bad eye makes him pull scary faces but hes lovely once you get to know him, except he always insists on being banker when we play monopoly and I'm certain he steals 100's when I nip the loo.

1 comment:

ladysnail said...

does this clown live in your flat? i aint seen him before. he looks very good. i love his crazy eye face expression hurrah for clay! dx