Friday, 4 May 2007

how to make a cup of tea

I made these in the first year of illustration, I still love them! I made about 25 different teabag characters in all only 3 survived which I gave to friends to take care of aslong as they promised to take care of them. I didnt really have a clue what to do with the teabags once I made them so at about 3am I set up my camera, gave the side a wipe down and filled the kettle, by 5am I had more than enough pictures and a few too many dead teabags I few could be better but some are perfect like the impending doom of the boiling kettle above, the teabag grimicing as he brews to death, my bro in the final enjoying the lovely cup of tea, the little teabag in the first panel is adorable, I still think of him everytime I make a cup of tea.. bless.


Draw-a-rama said...

I love the drownig one it's fab

Draw-a-rama said...

or should i say drowning one.ahem. sheesh. stupid keys on keyboard to finger ratio

Maaike Hartjes said...

This is amazing! What a great idea!