Monday, 17 December 2007

coming atcha like a hot flanel of doodle-ness!

Ive been rather busy, mainly with exhibition work that I left to the last mintue but I have been doing some other fun projects too, Im just gonna paste some pics up (which Andy kindly took) and any comments on my stuff would be greatly appreciated!

A plush monster I made for Dave's Mum, he likes to steal buttons, not dave the monster ^_^ (in the new year I'll be sewing like a crazy person making tons of my doodles into plush toys, stay tuned for that!)
Me, tired and alittle pished at my Xmas Show (check out all them cats)

Err me again, doing some stuff for Hustla the clothes shop in Preston, not finished just yet but theres me scribbling away! ^_^

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