Thursday, 15 May 2008

smile its more editorial

Yes indeedie more editorial, this one is for Amelia magazine. I HATED the first one I did (that's why it isn't on the blog) SO I have redone it. The idea was to creative a image of a Utopia, an ideal state. I think if you want to make the world a utopia you got to make people smile, not the evil looking over your shoulder kind favoured by pretty much all the bad guys in hollyoaks, the kind that you cant control like when someone pulls a silly face or cracks a terrible joke. So here is my Utopia - me, a cat and a rat chilling out with some brews playing cards! What could be simpler? ^_^


ladysnail said...

i bet that rat had a few lucky cards hid up his s;eeve. that pesky rat. the table top cloth is fab. i cant spell 'doiley'. dx.

Carolinemorriz said...

Hey, I found you following the snail trail, I love this, I like the table top too...and also can't spell doiley, or maybe I can? Im going to use this as my desktop :-) x