Wednesday, 16 July 2008


This is the little office area Ive finally gotten round to setting up, its squeezed into an alcove in my bedroom but I like it, its rather cute. Those walls are still a little too bare for my liking though but I'm sure I can have them covered in no time at all ^_^


ladysnail said...

ah! a comfy and cute corner with a blanket! dx.

Alice The Pixie Alien said...

check it out!! good effort lady! i should start taking some photo's of this place! I've posted something...its not much, but at least its something?? I've got an idea for the tree-shirt...its a work still in progress...Eeeep! I better pull my figure out!!

I have a comfy blanket too!! x x

Magic Cochin said...

Hi, I've just stumbled into your blog via friends of friends of friends blogs!!! I've got goosebumps reliving art degree shows and loosing work just before the big deadline (except mine was on main-frame typesetting computer the size of a fridge freezer and it was the night school apprentices who f*****d up my project!!!) That was all a very long time ago - when a Mac was something you wore in the rain!

I've somehow survived a quarter of a century in this game - and I still enjoy it!

So good luck - I think your work's great!

Celia (old and grizzled illustrator/designer/printmaker)

david parkinson said...

hey kate you and debby should check out