Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Hard Days Craft

ello derr'

Well crafting at the triangle is over, Mrs Debbie and I had a really nice time, the Fuse crafters and the Manchester based artists there are all very talented and had some gorgeous wares, if you went at some point over the weekend I hope you came away with something awesome. I unfortunately was not allowed to indulge myself as I had to keep every penny I made to help towards bills, except I did treat myself to a hazelnut latte at Costa, yum!
We didn't do too bad, it was mainly our badges really they sold like hot cakes! I made some new badges, cat face ones which I will have pictures off soon.
Right now I am relaxing back a little, not too much though as I have book covers to design and cross stitch badges to create and stitch. I am going away to the boy's parents house for a few days to have a little Easter break so I have my sketchbook and cross stitch stuff packed up ready to take with me. Currently making a lemon drizzle cake to take as well, I hope its better than the last one I made, it didn't taste like lemon at all I was so disappointed, fingers crossed for this one.
Aw I feel better after a big blog ramble, more ramblings soon!

P.S Debbie and I have another stall on Sunday 18th April at the Chorlton Library which I will be doing solo as she will be high up in the Scottish mountains somewhere, more info soon!

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Dolly Cool Clare said...

Hi Katie, I have joined your blog and have been looking at your flickr site - wow! I knew I liked your illustrations before, but there is some seriously awesome stuff on there. Love the soup kitchen and the boring day at the office! Your work really stands next to my other fave retro illustrators; Derek Yaniger, M. Sasek and most of the stuff in the Taschen Krazy Kids Food book!
My friend is going to love her print :)
Good luck at the next fair and see you somewhere crafty soon!
Clare x