Monday, 17 January 2011

Printed 1605 BK, Before Kindle

I have been building my portfolio up a bit over the past few months, one of the projects if you like that my agent suggested was to make book jacket related images for the daily news feed they do over on the Eastwing website. I really like the news feed that we have on there, I think its a fantastic way to keep everyone sketching as well as being quite informative too! For example, did you know that today in 1605 Don Quixote was first published by author Miguel De Cervantes. It is one of those books that I have picked up many times and not managed to get all the way through, alittle like Moby Dick but I will eventually!
So to celebrate a brilliant piece of literature I have doodled a "mock" book jacket, very worn looking and rather dog eared but it looks like a book that has been loved and appreciated by many.
Happy Monday!


Bec said...

Nice cover! Love the colours together

Inspector Marmalade said...

Thank you Bec :) I am very happy with how those colours turned out. xx