Wednesday, 12 September 2007

last lady of letters

The article Ive chosen is taken from the Seven magazine that comes with the Sunday Telegraph and it is a interview with the remaining Mitford Sister, Deborah Mitford (Duchness of Devonshire) and she talks abit about her life and the letters the six sisters used to regularly write to each other. I thought it was a really interesting article, there is a section were she talks about having tea with Hitler and how she thought it was odd to discover that he had "A.H" embroidered on his washroom towels. Just Brilliant!
These images are handmade textures and drawings that Ive played around with on photoshop (it is my new bestfriend). I'm unsure which I should chose as I like both colour schemes, any feedback or suggestions would be greaty appreciated! ^_^


MoombaDuo said...

Awesome! You got a good method of working here, keep it up! me really liking your stuff especially the first one as the background texture works really well with the drawing:D

MoombaDuo said...

maybe add a speech bubble with Hitlers towel with 'A.H' intials on it?
Hitler booty!oh yeah!^-^ jk

inspector_marmalade said...

Thank you andy!

LOL you've just given me a great idea, I'm going to go play with some print outs and I'll post what I come up with lol hitler booty