Wednesday, 5 September 2007

stylin' in the mud

I went to Connect festival all the way in Scotland over the weekend and thankfully I took some wellies because Ive never seen so much mud. My friends Mark, Dave and Fi kindly pimped my wellies for me as they were just plain green ones which just wouldnt do at all! they also did my friend Penny's wellies too and even though we got stuck in the mud quite a few time we looked the coolest so there! ^_^ It was a great few days that went FAR TOO fast, today in work I felt alittle sad but I cranked up Regina and that made me smile again ^_^ (apologies for rubbish photo's my camera isn't as young as it used to be)


ladysnail said...

cool wellies lady muck. dx.

inspector_marmalade said...

lol cheers they are pretty bitchin' xoxox

toothless jimmy said...

this looks like a tattoo on a green dudes back