Monday, 30 March 2009

look who I found!

Its none other than the fantasticly talented ladysnail, Debbie Greenaway!
I found her mailmeart submission on the back of the mailmeart book! unfortunatly I couldnt find her great work inside which was strange but we do judge books by there covers and judging by this cover Id buy this book (and I did!)

Way to go Debbie doodle!


Deb said...

arr thanks lassface. im glad i was featured somewhere if not in the actual book. i bet them pesky fish swam that box to the cover rather than sit inside and stare at the opposite page! dx.

Darren said...

Page 37 :)

Inspector Marmalade said...

Ah your right!, Thank you Darren!
I dont know how I managed to miss it, silly me :)