Thursday, 12 March 2009

Make Your Own Pop-Up, Mr Moggie style!

Right-Click and save these two images to make your very own "Mini Mr Moggie Pop-up House"!
All you need is a A4 printer, two pieces of card, glue, scissors and alittle free time!
Go ahead! oh and if you do and you like it, please take a picture and send it to me Id love to see it! ^_^


Deb said...

wicked stuff lass! its a great idea to get them out and share your pop! i will of course be printing out many gnomes! dx.

Neil Harvey-Hughes Illustration said...

i'm so gonna do this when i get home.

Inspector Marmalade said...

thanks debs, go gnome crazy!

yay that would be awesome if you did neil, you have to take a picture for me so can see how it looks! :)