Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Blonde Burlesque Lady


Alice The Pixie Alien said...

oh man you make me sick!!!!!!! You're so good lass!! I love ALL OF YOUR NEW STUFF!!! All of it!! Its got a really nice retro feel to it. I think its ever since you did the "bright spark" matchbook thing...its like something MAJORLY clicked and now you just got it so good!! I love it Kitty I hope to be as good as you oneday! :-)

Inspector Marmalade said...

Thanks alice, thats such a sweet thing to say! I have been enjoying the stuff Ive been doing lately alot more than some of the older stuff.
I like the things you have been coming up with lately, your getting better at photoshop and coming up with some nice things, keep it up miss pixie! xox I wanna see a range of greetings cards asap!