Monday, 20 April 2009

Lady Dachshund

Ive been getting abit fed up of always working in Photochop so decided to dust off the old watercolours and have a bash at painting myself a picture. Here it is, I am rather pleased with it and will be doing more, maybe I'll even tackle those two canvases I bought AGES ago, maybe :)


Joey and Maggie said...

This is really nice!

Deb said...

wow! loads of updates. i think this one is my fav. i love the little dog and the texture you have created for her coat. get the paints out!!! dx.

ali graney said...

sausage dog! I got a brilliant book in the Buxton Bookshop called Pretzel about a sausage dog that was really long and could tie himself into the shape of a pretzel to impress the ladies x