Sunday, 14 March 2010

Carry On Crafty

New crafty update, stamp sticker packs! Packs of 6 stamp inspired stickers.
Look at those lovely ladies and gents, who says the queen is the only one who can have her face on a stamp aye!


Deb said...

too right! get them stamps out stuck and sticking all over the place.well done k for working through the phaff! dx.

Alice The Pixie Alien said...

Oh Kitty Katty Hanratty these are beautiful!!!! Will you be selling them at the cheap affair easter sunday???

I'm going to try and come along with Jim! :-) You're so talented!!!! x x x

Inspector Marmalade said...

Thank you alice and deb,
I will most definatly try, I think we have a stall Im not sure yet. I hope you can come alice it would be nice, its a cool event I think you'll like it alot. now you just need to get that sewing machine going full steam I see purses and teapot covers galore! :)

Adam Lee Jones said...

These people look a far lot cooler than the Queen. Nice stamps.