Saturday, 13 March 2010

Catch Up

Hello, Ive been up to some bits and bobs of late, mostly crafty things. As I said in my previous post Mrs Snail and I shared a stall at the Cheap Affair event last Sunday. We had a great time and I had lots of fun making stuff to sell, we have some more stalls lined up over the next few months (more info soon) so this is the beginning of my crafty wares. I had some A5 prints, teatime badges and lino prints greetings cards. I took some pictures of the very messy process, I used soft cut lino which is brilliant stuff; to cut down on the distractions I just chose to do images of things that I like and to use my two favourite colours.

I was really happy with how they turned out and I will be doing some more larger, detailed lino cards throughout this month. Ive also included some close ups of the prints, badges and mini cards all packaged up. They arent the best quality photos as my camera doesnt like close up but they should do for now.

If anyone has any feed back on my work please feel free to post, this is my first real attempt at having my own mercandise and I'd really like to do more but sometimes I'm unsure about what works and what doesnt. I'd appreciate any advice :)


Kayleigh said...

really like the lino cut cards, they're so nice, and the badges too. are they shrinkles? and did you print them off your computer, they re all really nice, i wanted to go to the fair but with working weekends i couldn't come. you should make an etsy shop. :) x

Inspector Marmalade said...

thank you Kayleigh, yeah they are shrinkles; that stuff is amazing and surprisingly easy to use once you get into the swing of things, deb and I had a right sweat shop going when we were doing all of our badges. aye I would love an etsy shop I think maybe that might be the next step, once I've gotten all my stock sorted that is and few more stalls to gain abit more confidence in my work :)