Monday, 8 March 2010

Look at them there wares

Hello! had a lovely time at the Cheap Affair at Islington Mill on Sunday. There was some brilliant stalls there, tasty food and lovely live music, huge thank you to Cheap for having us! Debbie and I shared a stall and it went well, we had a lovely time doodling, nibbling hobnobs and talking to people so I think we will definatly be doing it again next month. I managed to get some stuff together in time, hooray! I had some A4 and A5 prints for sale aswell as tea time badges, packs of lino print cards and some adorable cupcake pin cushions which my mum made, bless her talented socks. I will have some close up pictures on here soon but for now please take a look at the pictures I lifted from Mrs Greenaways blog (check out the nervous grimice on me, lush)

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